How to get a free & stable Polygon RPC node
How to get a free and stable rpc node for Polygon (Matic)
Since Polygon’s public free rpc nodes are unstable, you can use the interface of alchemy to apply for rpc nodes
1. Application address
2. Open the application address, move your mouse onto "Products" and then select "SUPERNODE"
3. Click "Get strated", then log in (register if you don't have an account) to enter and select "Ethereum L2"
4. After entering, select to create team name and app name, select “Polygon Mainnet” as the network, and click “Create app”
5. Next, select free forever and click Continue
6. After “Choose Your Plan”, select "Skip for now" without filling in any information
7. Choose "Continue"
8. Select "Let’s Go“
9. Jump into the page
10. Under HTTP you'll find RPC node setting to be used for your MetaMask wallet settings
Network Name: Polygon
ChainID: 137
Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL:
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