Vigoss Protocol
Vigoss Protocol (English)


1. How is the service fee charged?
Two service fees are charged for opening and closing positions, each of that is 1‰
2. How to achieve synergy between external prices and Vigoss prices?
Adopt the method of fund expense rate reward, so that the price of Vigoss and the price of the oracle will reach the minimum deviation and consistency.
3. The price of the oracle machine differs greatly from the internal price of Vigoss. What should I do if it is liquidated?
Under normal market conditions, Vigoss will use the market price in the contract for liquidation. When the price in the contract differs from the price of the external oracle for more than 10%, the liquidation price will be based on the oracle price to protect traders.
4. When will the liquidation line be reached?
Liquidation will be triggered when the margin rate reaches 6.25%.
5. What risks do LP providers take?
1) impermanent loss;
2) Margin Break.
6. How will the service fees and liquidation profits distribute be distributed?
In the testing part, the entire income from the commission and half of the liquidation profit, which is 1.25%, is given to the LP provider.